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Don’t Let Your Pets Become a Playground for Parasites

Hart Road Animal Hospital 503-591-5282 Call us at 503-591-5282 today! Need an appointment? Let's PLAY! Pets have mastered the art of fun, haven't they? They make the whole world their playground, whether it's a ball, a new toy for chasing, or - let's get real - the empty box the toy came in. As their caregivers, [...]

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Happy Cat Month

Cats are the most commonly owned pet in the world, so of course they deserve a month devoted to their happiness! While cats may seem like they have it made in the kitty shade in terms of sheer numbers, they sometimes end up with the short end of the stick as pets. Thanks to longstanding myths portraying cats as independent pets requiring minimal care, our beloved kitties often don’t get everything they need in order to be truly happy cats. And a happy cat is an awesome pet!

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Summer 2017 Newsletter

Summer is here again! As you and your best animal buddy bask in the warm weather and enjoy summer activities, remember to keep safety in mind. Summer fun brings with it some potential dangers for your pet, like loud, frightening fireworks and overheating. We hope the information in this newsletter will help you keep your pet safe and comfortable this summer.

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