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Cats are the most commonly owned pet in the world, so of course they deserve a month devoted to their happiness! While cats may seem like they have it made in the kitty shade in terms of sheer numbers, they sometimes end up with the short end of the stick as pets. Thanks to longstanding myths portraying cats as independent pets requiring minimal care, our beloved kitties often don’t get everything they need in order to be truly happy cats. And a happy cat is an awesome pet!
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check mark imagestethoscope imageVeterinary Care

Cats need – at the minimum – annual preventive care checkups to make sure they’re healthy, to check for early signs of illnesses and problems, to vaccinate per lifestyle and risk factors, to discuss any behavioral issues, and to review all the great things you’re doing at home to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Cats are amazingly skilled at hiding signs of illness. Regular checkups for your cat allow us to identify and treat budding problems early, before they become potentially life-threatening.  

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Good health happens at home, too. Cats require nutritious food, which is a topic we know can be confusing! There’s a lot of misinformation and clever marketing out there about pet food, so we’re always happy to provide personalized recommendations for your cat’s diet. Clean, fresh drinking water is equally important, and many cats actually prefer a moving water source, as with cat fountains.

Nail trimming, brushing, and dental care should all be on your kitty to-do list, along with frequent litterbox cleaning, of course. Cats – like us – appreciate clean toilet areas and have been known to eliminate in other places when litterboxes are too dirty, located in undesirable areas, or if they’re in short supply, as in multi-cat households. Learn more here. Be sure to use parasite prevention products as recommended by our office.

check mark imagetoy mouse imageEnrichment & Exercise
Another frequent feline myth is the one about cats being lazy and snoozing all day long. While cats do looooove a good nap, they also love to play! Cats are natural hunters, so providing them with activities like food puzzles where they have to work for their food is a great way to get your cat excited and moving, and a “recipe” for a lean, fit, healthy cat. Toys that can be chased and pounced on are typically very popular, and anytime you can provide your cat with a chance to climb and get vertical with cat trees or even strategically placed (and carefully secured) furniture, your cat will love you for it. Providing a fun outlet for scratching will make your cat happy and will save your furniture!
check mark imagewarning sign imageSafety
Regardless of whether your cat goes outside or is a 100% indoor cat, microchipping for identification is a necessity. Even the most careful pet owner can lose a pet, and microchipping is inexpensive, painless, and permanent identification for your cat. An ID tag on a safety collar with a pressure-sensitive release especially for cats is another great safety item. Visitors should be made aware if your cat isn’t allowed outside so care will be taken when entering and exiting your home. 

Make sure your home is free of toxic plants, and periodically review your home for safety hazards. Because cats are so agile, they can get into trouble just about anywhere! Check for unsecured furniture, dangling decorations, electrical cords, and open appliances like dryers. Cats should be kept out of cleaning products and trash receptacles, and keep a special eye on window treatments. Cats have been known to ingest and/or get tangled up in blinds and cords, a very dangerous situation. Some basic first aid knowledge and supplies can be very helpful, but be sure to contact us if your cat is ill or injured. 

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Don’t fall for the old myth that cats are aloof and prefer to be left alone. Chances are, your cat craves your company! Spending quality time with your cat will strengthen your shared bond and will make you both feel great. Pay attention to what kinds of attention your cat prefers – whether it’s petting, playing, or sharing a sunny window seat – and take the time to enjoy it together.
Thanks for helping us to celebrate Happy Cat Month. Wishing you the amazing
companionship of a happy, healthy cat!

Your friends at Hart Road Animal Hospital

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