If you’re getting a puppy, you’ve probably already spent some time on the most important thing — the name, of course! You’ve waded through the options and settled on your favorite. You’ve probably also spent some time trying to figure out what breed, if you have that sort of a preference. You might have decided that the breed doesn’t matter, and that’s OK too. But before you pick up the dog or make any other moves to choosing a puppy? You should figure out all the gear that you need.

For starters, you need to figure out where the puppy is going to rest, either when you’re gone or at night. Many dogs are able to learn how to be outside of a crate without being destructive, while others need a crate their whole lives. Wherever you land on that spectrum, consider a crate (sized for the full-grown dog) and/or a bed. What else do you need? This graphic explains it.