Huggie Bear - In Memoriam

Huggie Bear is a special domestic long hair grey and white cat that first came to Hart Road Animal Hospital in 2008 for inappropriate urination. He was diagnosed with lower urinary tract disease but in 2009 he was brought in and signed over to the clinic due to this reoccurring problem. He has been the model clinic cat since then. Since getting him on the proper prescription diet, he has not since had any more urinary tract symptoms nor has inappropriately urinated in the hospital. The social and loving boy that he is, Huggie is HRAH’s designated door greeter to clients and provides smiles and comfort to everyone; especially staff. His favorite places to be are either in the reception lobby to welcome people, on the warm laundry or dryer, or perched on the kitty scale in the treatment area to observe his domain. Next time you come in feel free to say “hi” and give him pets, he is very soft!