Our Policies


We encourage appointments. We will see walk-ins as time allows, after scheduled appointments. You can also arrange drop off appointments if necessary.


We will handle emergencies immediately if necessary (life-threatening). However, we must charge an additional charge for any emergency that disrupts the normal schedule and/or causes staff members work overtime.


You need to pay in full at time of service. Hart Road Animal Hospital (HRAH) accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, debit and cash. You may request estimates at any time, and may decline any services you are not able to afford. We will always recommend the best care for your pet, but we understand that it may not always be possible and will do our best to help you prioritize your pet’s needs.

We also accept CareCredit



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The Oregon Veterinary Practice Act requires a veterinarian- client- patient relationship to legally provide medical advice, prescribe or treat your pet (this includes vaccination). This entails a MINIMUM of an annual physical examination on each pet. At HRAH we encourage twice yearly exams for all pets, this is especially important for senior pets (over 7 yo) and pets with ongoing medical conditions or on long term medication. If your pet comes due for a vaccination and they have had an annual exam we do offer the option of a technician visit to vaccinate your pet, the tech will ask a few general health questions and take the pet’s temperature. If there is any question regarding your pet’s health status, has had reactions to vaccinations or you have concerns/questions for the veterinarian we recommend scheduling an office visit, health consult and having a veterinarian perform a full physical exam prior to vaccination. For the puppy and kitten “series” of booster vaccinations we schedule the additional visits as followup exam (with vet) due to young animal’s changing medical and behavioral needs and to make sure to have time to answer all your questions.

Prescription Refills

HRAH does not give out prescriptions without an appropriate doctor/patient relationship. By Oregon law, all pets must have had an exam within at least one year to receive a refill. Some drugs carry higher incidents of adverse reactions, and require more frequent monitoring as well as blood testing. You will be informed if we place your pet on a long term medication requiring special testing or more frequent exams. If our Doctors prescribe a long term drug, refills are available. We advise you to call us 24 hours in advance of picking up any prescription refills. We will do our best to refill them as soon as possible, but on busy days it may be difficult to refill your medication on the same day you call it in. The longest prescription we will fill is a six month supply. For certain medications we may only be able to give you a 3 month supply. Keeping this in mind, if you would like a different quantity of medication than what you are currently getting, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs.

Online Pharmacies

Many clinics, both human and veterinary, are discouraging the use of online pharmacies due to communication mishaps, mistakes, and unethical behavior. Some online pharmacies have been cited by the pharmacy boards for illegal practices in the past. Many products are not guaranteed by the manufacturer if they are purchased through online pharmacies due to counterfeit medications and unknown sources of their products. Because of this, we do not work directly with online pharmacies. The one exception to this is Vet’s First Choice (see “Drug Refills” on our “Home” page), as the company is able to directly purchase the product from the manufacturers on the behalf of our clinic’s requests. You may request a written prescription to have filled at the pharmacy of your choice, but you do so at your own risk, and without the ability to gain support from drug manufacturers for any problems you may encounter from using those products.

Refunds and Returns

We will not be able to give a refund for any returned prescription medications. We are not able to use these medications on other patients for safety reasons. You may wish to donate them to donation clinics for other pets. Food purchases, flea medications and a few other over the counter products that you purchase through our clinic ARE refundable through the manufacturer. Let us know if you have any problems with these products so we can facilitate your refund. These items are then sent directly back to the manufacturer or discarded and not restocked on the shelves.


The attending veterinarian performs euthanasia at their discretion. Our veterinarians will not perform euthanasia on pets that are healthy or with conditions easily treated. Our Doctors must perform an exam to determine the appropriateness of euthanasia.


HRAH requires dogs to be current on DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies and have current negative fecal test (within the last year). Cats must have current FVRCP and Rabies. Our Doctors advise to get the vaccines done two weeks or more in advance of your boarding appointment to provide maximum protection for your pet from any contagious diseases. If our technicians find fleas during the check in process, they will treat your pet and HRAH will charge your account for the treatment.

Day Care

If you drop off your pet at HRAH for medical care or procedures, HRAH will charge for day care or hospitalization fees. If our technicians find fleas during the check in process, they will treat your pet and HRAH will charge your account for the treatment. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please call us at any time during office hours.

Thank you,
The Hart Road Animal Hospital Staff